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I’ll stop the world and melt with you

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

You've seen the difference, And it's getting better all the time.

  1. Nora Jones on the radio sounds like that nagging voice in my head…so annoying.

  2. Lovely weekend in LA.. quality family time…still not enough people wearing masks... feckin' eejits!

  3. Me thinks he shouldn’t debate need to give him any more fuel... #45 is already going down in flames... or at least I hope and pray… now those thoughts & prayers I can rally behind.

  4. Just learned the term gaslighting…it’s happened to me so many times…totally my fault for letting it happen, esp. more than once from the same person…always trust your gut... the times I didn’t listen to it, were the times I let it happen.

  5. Agreed, Mr Kipling does makes exceedingly good cakes.

  6. Louis Armstrong Black & Blue... extremely moving... unparalleled tone of the trumpet.. v. powerful message.. my father thinks it should be the BLM anthem.. moi aussi.

  7. Extremely concerned I now have a receding hairline... must be the microwaves coming out of my laptop because on too many zooms! Side effects should be listed pronto!

  8. Why do some adults have a step under the loo for ones feet? Is it to leverage gravitational force?

  9. Would give anything for a massage.

  10. How to make cauliflower rice: finely grate the cauliflower. Chuck it in the bin. Cook some rice. Stop being a twat.


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