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Updated: Dec 16, 2020

But I refuse to let you go.

  1. Big Chill never fails!

  2. Safeway ice cream has been completely wiped out and so have antacids... apparently I’m not the only victim of this obesity inducing virus.

  3. Bananas are zero points on WW... feels like a trick... plus every time I say banana, I say it to Beethoven’s fifth.. Ba-na-na-na…yes, I am 12.

  4. Finally detoxed of all REAL Housewives... they are all just one big cat fight... feel most enlightened and extremely self important now... who needs such utter inaneness in one’s life? Quelle drama be done.

  5. Now if Bravo came k-nocking... that would be another story…not completely ruling it people would have to talk to their people… and as a cast member I have a long list of requirements… new tits for starters… would consider fat re-distribution... but that would be a concession.

  6. Most confused Bobby Brown is now selling a whole line of wellness products to ingest... you mean, the make up doesn’t make us beautiful enough?

  7. Recently questioned the CEO of a huge beauty empire (actually more like cross-examined) as he was saying how well his massive conglomerate supports diversity in the beauty industry as they have products for all ages.

  8. I call Bullshit!

  9. How is that true diversity, when your whole industry is about selling anti-aging anti-wrinkle products? Aren’t you just contributing to society’s definition of beauty and perpetuating the notion that beauty means youthful? Isn’t that age discrimination?

  10. He squirmed… I second that emotion.


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