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I know you'll miss me

I know you'll miss me blind.

  1. Really gets my goat when parents who only ask for their kid... but not actually genuinely interested in yours... I mean, try to feign interest just a tad… a couple gushing noises before you ask where to get it/sign up... if I can do it, why can’t you?

  2. Do not call your sister the c word… I don’t care if she pushes your, you didn’t say cow… that is what I call her.

  3. Are seven yummy oversized black round neck jumpers too many? Asking for a friend.

  4. No romance in this family... would love an afternoon drinking cider and cutting down a tree, vs. going to the parking lot at the end of the road and buying one that has fallen off a lorry for an exorbitant price...may have lost this one again this year.

  5. Just learned Daddy had dinner with Princess Margaret once... passed the SS background check (surprisingly) but arrived after she did, which is apparently a huge faux pas…they went around the table and told dirty jokes all night... apparently hers were the dirtiest.

  6. Not sure I get your point... I’m wearing knickers under my PJs and we are only going to Whole Foods.

  7. Significant reward for the person who finds my other slipper.

  8. Rediscovered a bottle of vintage port that we’d been saving from 1970, the year I was thinks this Xmas is the perfect occasion.

  9. To hike or not to hike? That has been the same question for the last two weekends and the no's are up 30 love.

  10. Arguing over the color of the Le Creuset dutch oven we are going to ask Santa for... so what if I’m not the one who is going to use it… it still needs to be a flattering color for my kitchen selfies...


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