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I dreamed a dream in times gone by

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

When hope was high and life worth living.

  1. Constantly on the verge of going somewhere but never quite getting there...urgh.

  2. Having rather spectacular five day ol’ hair... no one to show it off to tho'... at least created a mood board for my new buzzums.. so happy about that.

  3. New leggings rotation... least got covid chic down.

  4. Except, now clapping at TV along with audience laugh/applause track… dog sighs every sense of humor that one.

  5. Lovely and amazing friend just sent me a KQED podcast to listen to about half the country being addicted to opioids... first thought - why is she sending it to me? Second thought - well that explains the other 70 million votes... they are literally out of their minds!

  6. Heard this recently, "The MAGA production of Les Mis was terrible." Funny... but a tad too soon.

  7. Just heard that Voila Davis is going to play Michelle Obama… I’m sure she’ll nail it...but that is going to be some undertaking... partic as Michelle is... peeerf-ect.

  8. Mother - daughter dynamic has absolutely morphed into Eddie and Saffy and let me tell you...not only does she yuck my yum, but it not as much fun in real life...I’m in trouble all the time... not to mention the fact that we're all grounded all the time...let me remind you that I'm the parent!

  9. Now who is this Avi Rothman you speak of...and where have you been hiding him? Might have to be my man o' the month... he’s quite delish... Mr. January me thinks.

  10. Ugh.. how I miss taking things for granted... prob said that before...fear senility is taking hold... now got another side effect to obsess over...urgh...maybe the dog is right after all.


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