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I don't want a lot for Christmas

There is just one thing I need.

  1. People!!! Why on earth is there a frozen banana peel in the freezer?

  2. Dearest kindest most generous friend just dropped off four pints of the most delicious lush gelato… so so know when you are gifted food, its def. a cheat day!

  3. Imparting extremely valuable parenting advice about what goes around comes around, when I get... “what’s your point, mum? I stopped listening ages ago because I don’t actually care...”

  4. Meta touché...

  5. McDreamy got hit by a semi??? Wha??? Must have only made it to season three as Meredith was getting on my tits... had no idea he died??? Missed a massive chunk of important information... now wondering what else I'm missing... unbeknownst to me, my repertoire may be incomplete.

  6. Purchased an amazing oversized deep blue velvet armchair for my study...which seemed to have caused a massive mutiny... so much so that now it has to be returned as won’t be able to languish in it, as previously hoped, without stewing.

  7. No taste this family... might have to move into a Z Gallerie so I can be surrounded by things I love rather than these ingrates.

  8. Will undertake extreme passive aggressive action plan… once I finish the tub of Mexican chocolate.

  9. It was too big... but that is not the point... my study = my paycheck = my taste = my indulgences.

  10. In a humph… strategizing plan b...and having a huge pout... considering continuing with pout until Friday...hope they notice.. but shall ignore them when they do... its on...people!!!


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