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Hot in the city, hot in the city


  1. How tall is anyone? I mean all the people I’ve met on zoom… don’t even know what their bottoms look like.. most disconcerting.

  2. Hidden everyone from my timeline on fb and nobody left... might have to officially make the crossover now to insta...thoughts & prayers.

  3. Bloody drone over the garden… what’s my take on gun reform again? May need to revisit for 15 seconds.


  5. Watching re-runs of Sex in the City... not sure I can make it thru to the inevitable left at the alter episode.

  6. Voted week to go.. as if it could get any more painful.

  7. Lovely tea party in the Shakespeare Garden with the fam for Z’s 17th... fascinators, champagne, tea sandwiches… vs. spesh… proud of the young woman she is becoming... just wish it wasn’t going so bloody fast.

  8. Parent fail.. not sure when the last time anyone in this family went to the dentist... yikes.

  9. Ode to be sitting in a dive bar across from you at a sticky wobbly table with a warm G&T ignoring the fact that I need to pee and trying excruciatingly hard to listen to what you have to say.

  10. Ugh.. don’t get me started on a cover charge…I’d pay anything to pay a cover charge... I’d even double it.


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