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Hands, touching hands, Reaching out

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Touching me, Touching you.

  1. Happy Happy Mother’s Day to all you gorgeous and amazing warrior mums! You are amazing!

  2. Okay.. starting to plan my post plague strategy... this is going to require serious business and serious moola... Your father is the parent now, I’ll be back when I’m back.

  3. My vagina is starting to get symptoms…extreme fatigue and dryness… maybe she has covid... will have to quarantine her for 14 days, poor thing... will add her to #2.

  4. Just got another lovely case of VML sauvy-b... since it has my initials, have decided it’s my winery! Yes, I started to make wine during SIP, just a little side project… I know, isn’t it delish? Yes.. thanks, I think the label is lovely too...too kind... too kind...

  5. Big kitchen sort, J asks why do we need more than one ice-cream scoop... Helper responds, so we look like a normal family...underestimated his PR talents.

  6. Epiffany! My swollen mass is all related to inflammation...need to move onto red wine and dark chocolate now.

  7. What if mani pedi shops had glory holes for our feet… I’d take a happy ending as long as it came with a decent pedicure.

  8. Might have to replace certain items.. couch and mattress have obvious cheek dents now.

  9. Waited in bed for my Mother’s Day breaky... was feeling slightly miffed as it was taking too long... huffed and came downstairs to two huge bouquet of flowers.. lovely cards and yummy bath salts... still a bit peckish tho'.

  10. Dinner is poured.


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