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Updated: May 24, 2020

The only way to have a friend, is to be one.

  1. Haven’t worn contact lenses in weeks.. pure vanity as frames cover up under eye bags.

  2. Squeezed massive zit in nose.. extraordinarily painful…need to add nose job to the put-me-back-together list.

  3. Also seem to have developed more peach fuzz all over my face.. if this lasts any longer will look like a werewolf.. could SIP be screwing up with evolution process? Fauci.. help!??

  4. Gorgous friend just dropped off a huge bag of delicious homemade ginger cookies... consumed them in two sittings… might have to have jaw wired very shortly.

  5. Nails have developed ridges.. this is beyond stressful.. have jowls now.. Come on Gav, let’s get a move on…every day in captivity is proving to be significantly worse for my health.

  6. Hope I get a stimulus check for at least one proceedure.

  7. Thankfully we can rant under our masks now while out in public... call people any name under the sun and nobody knows... minor consolation.

  8. Tried to park the car yesterday in front of the house… muscle memory seems to be on the blink.. I’m literally disintegrating... unless John moved the curb, which is very likely.

  9. Sip Book Club in the park later @ 6 ft. ... so excited.

  10. Be safe darlings, don’t lick anything.


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