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Every breath you take

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

And every move you make.

  1. How many calories do you burn knitting?

  2. Thinking about my lovely new office (once his She Shed is done).. finally a lovely room in the house just for moi! Where shall I put my desk? Was thinking bang smack in the middle to look like boss lady... but my anxiety will make me feel like I'm going to float away.

  3. Seem to be adding one more OCD to the list every year.. suppose way less predictable than making boring resolutions.

  4. Massive phobia I have since I was little is not being able to swim in the sea if I can’t see the bottom... it’s actually more of a super power that I have, which is to ruin a great deal of family boat excursions when on holiday due to my flailing around in the water in utter panic.

  5. As I got older, it seemed to have developed further... now I can't drink out of cups that aren’t white.. ‘cos sharks and snakes and monsters live at the bottom there too... cos they do.

  6. Also have to travel with slippers as they live under the bed in hotel rooms... cos they really do.

  7. Starting to see bat shit in my future.. they say genius and madness are closely related.

  8. Always fancied myself as a genius… needlework O’level does count!

  9. 88 entries and close to 1,000 unique visitors to my blogidge.. see? Genius me!

  10. Shit.. the paps will be camping outside my window next... best keep knitting for my photo op.


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