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Updated: Apr 18, 2020

SIP Confessions, Part One.

  1. Really hate musicals (except Rocky) and don't like going to see live music unless it's a show - like Cher. I love Cher…

  2. Despite all my friends and family telling me otherwise, I’m actually a really good singer…

  3. Was expelled from boarding school at 15 for pot… was life changing in a really good way, believe it or not.

  4. Used to say that I had a big sister called Siobhan, who was actually a babysitter who worked in Harrods..

  5. Have a really really bad gag reflex… will puke if I see puke and poo.. steady on.. drama queen is a bit excessive…

  6. Was scouted in London a couple of times years ago for modeling.. my mother wouldn’t let me…wonder now what would have happened if my life had done a Sliding Doors.. may have been tres glam and tres thin SIP on a yacht somewhere in the Med…

  7. I look at my kids all the time and marvel that I gave birth to them.

  8. Would send their artwork to their grandparents when they were younger and zhuzh them a bit so they looked way more accomplished.. only a bit.. more like a slight revision that they would have wanted had they been able to verbalize it, I swear.

  9. For years I told my daughter that we had the same middle name so we matched… only confessed in the last couple years.. and it may only have been after a couple G&Ts.

  10. Have no idea how many O'levels I have. Luckily who the fuck cares? One of them I think was needlework although the domestic goddess bit didn't stick, apparently.


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