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Don't get too close, It's dark inside

It's where the demons hide.

Things I dislike immensely:

  1. Raw onions, chicory, honey-due melon, unagi, chocolate covered strawberries... actually any chocolate/fruit combo....meat on the bone.. almost all dislikes are related to texture, I realize.

  2. The word moist makes me shudder, every time... beverage, condiment and slacks...almost as bad.

  3. Other people’s feet... having said that, I always thought it would be good idea for someone to do an exhibition of famous people's hands and feet... maybe I have more of an obsession than a dislike.. starting to worry now.

  4. Lack of grace.. esp. poor table manners and loud gum chewers, popcorn smackers, and coffee slurpers... and talking just to hear the sound of one's own voice… esp. if involves mansplaining and even worse if it's peppered with “my point is..” and “fact of the matter is” ...

  5. Under tippers… and those who aren’t gracious in restaurants, hair/nail salons… and people who don't reach for the tab...even if its a dance... generosity is key to happiness.

  6. "Funny" videos of people/animals hurting themselves... just can't... I want to give them all a hug.

  7. Long haired dogs... how do you know if all the orifices-es-es are clean at all times?

  8. People who like #45, obvs... and eyelash curlers.. both super scary.

  9. Bad drivers/heavy breakers… I get vertigo and it gets triggered very easily in a car... even if I'm the driver…it's debilitating... and can be for days on end.

  10. Having to share bar soap... next list might have to be list of my OCDs...I mean idiosyncrasies-es...I think I've got one of those high-sensitivity nervous systems to smells, sounds, textures etc... def explains some of my neurosis-es-es.


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