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Don't Count the Days, Make the Days Count

Updated: May 24, 2020

- Muhammad Ali.

  1. Gone and done it...squeezed my fat carcass into a pair of jeans... muffin top officially rammed in.

  2. Will attempt to sit down once the color in my feet has come back.. still a shade of blue.

  3. Attempted three times to die my roots and now I look like carrot top! No... it really is that bad... even John asked what I’d done to my hair.

  4. She Shed project has commenced and the lovely sound of drilling… so lyrical and relaxing.

  5. Tried foot masks - wore plastic baggies on my feet for an hour… slipped and fell… these home remedies are perilous.

  6. Just heard Helper shout at his sister, “You are such a top.” Prob accurate, tho’ not sure whether appropriate thing to say.

  7. Minor miracle, yesterday was the first day without a drink… managed to get through family zoom without a libation… feeling very holier than tho’

  8. Serious debate with Stoner about whether Nunu poops out cherry flavored custard or strawberry...there is a high probability that we both took a gummy… #7 I said libation.

  9. John and I started watching the Handmaid’s Tale... OMG.. not sure I can get through this… esp. as our world has gone somewhat dystopian.

  10. Might have shed a tear to hear that Specialities is no longer in business….mourning the oatmeal chocolate chip quarter pounder.

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Shelli Strand
Shelli Strand
18 de mai. de 2020

Nooooo! Did we lose Specialties?! I’m so sad.

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