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Updated: Aug 27, 2020

On life as a shut in.

  1. Flatulance is not on the list of virus symptoms, is it? Maybe it’s the eggs. How many is too many?

  2. Reading these to J...He is less amused than many of you. The con list is getting longer.

  3. First shower in... dunno how many days … huge accomplishment…Monday is hair wash… need to spread out activities to starve off boredom... Oh, and shave the other leg is Tuesday.

  4. TP, TP, where fort-out art thou? How I yearn for thee…

  5. What does one do with a razor again? Next time we are on zoom, if it’s obvious, please let me know as I may need a reminder/tutorial… especially if the face enhancer IS on!

  6. Contemplating getting my diamonds out of the safe and carrying my shoulder bags around the house so I feel relatively feminine again... I mean marginally, not trying to over shoot here as I still have to conquer #3.

  7. Helper child is vacuuming.. his points jar is overflowing... lazy one is likely high... trying to convince her that cleaning the house in such a state is actually super fun.

  8. Yes, it has come to that… I’m not judging your parenting accomplishments during such times.

  9. How many meals a day is too many? Averaging double digits… not to mention the wine… J does a large pour… agreed, that's on the pro list.

  10. Thank you for indulging me with my rubbish... it gives me joy if it makes you smile…I know humor is a way of deflecting… so here’s to being in the denial phase together as long as we need to!


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