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Crazy little thing called love

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

I gotta be cool, relax, get hip, And get on my track's.

  1. My brother is undoubtedly one of the best people I know…when he got divorced a couple years ago, my heart ached...I wanted to take away his pain more than anything in the whole wide world.

  2. Instead we packed some gummies, some smokes, a handful of Benjamins and headed to Vegas for a weekend of binging.

  3. The first night we saw O at the Bellagio... in hindsight perhaps not the best decision to get super high and watch trapeze artists and aerial acrobatics perform over a ginormous stage pool... my anxiety was thru the roof... it was exhausting.

  4. Second night we had tickets for Queen but beforehand, we bellied up to the bar at Morels in the Venetian and ordered G&Ts and split a steak.

  5. Next to us, an older British gentleman sat down and ordered a dirty martini... as most Brits do we struck up a conversation…his name was Spike and he split his time between Joshua Tree and more recently Palm Springs and London… Nice chap... we covered the basics... weather/Americans/politics, which was less triggering then.

  6. He said he was with the band, was very vague... we thought maybe manager or a roadie and didn’t press any further.

  7. Two drinks in and I started to get a bit soppy about Freddy and hoped the show would be a good tribute..he patted my arm… he was gentle and had kind eyes… he assured me it would be.

  8. He excused himself and told us to enjoy the show… my brother picked up his tab, he was very gracious, we shook hands, settled ours and headed over to take our seats.

  9. After a big thunderous applause, masses of smoke and an anticipatory drum roll...Queen appeared...Adam Lambert was sitting on top of a massive stiletto hamming it up... there was white-haired Brian May on guitar, Roger Taylor on drums.. and then we spotted HIM… Spike.. there he was at the keyboard... on stage...It was him.. it was our Spike!

  10. We hollered and waved and yelled his name ...I swear he waved back... so so proud of our dear ol’ friend...gonna look him up next time I’m in the desert so we can swap Live Aid stories...if only I'd known he was there too... what a coincidence...who'd a thought?


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