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Celebrate good times

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Come on.

  1. Well.. hallelujah... it’s a whole new world out there.. thankfully!!!

  2. If only I could find a cure for my neck issue tho'... tram lines seem to have collapsed into what looks like a vagina.. literally growing a vagina on my neck!

  3. Trying desperately to be a Sundance/Anthro girl.. all boho and chic and fabulous.. but really more Boden/J Crew and way more square … so much more Charlotte than Carrie…

  4. Samantha has the same blue stemmed wine glasses I do!!! At least I got the chic bit.

  5. Heard something recently...people who don’t eat are bad in bed...well, I’m clearly Mensa in the sack!

  6. Super annoyed... seem to have misplaced my vintage quilted Hobbs jacket.. may have to get a Burberry one now as a consolation.

  7. Been at my company for five years...which for tech is like dog years... what deliciously fancy anniversary pressie shall I get myself?

  8. Got back together with Good Eggs... except what is it with their packaging? Most perturbed.

  9. Let’s hope this country can heal again... what a fucking mess the last four years has been… sadly, we fell so far behind.

  10. As Kamala quite rightly said, “Women have an equal stake in our future and should have an equal voice in our politics.” Duh…what took this country so long? I mean we had Thatcher in the eighties FFS.


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