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'Cause baby there ain't no mountain high enough

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Ain't no valley low enough.

  1. I marvel every day what amazing people I work with - smart, value based, committed and kind… feeling extremely grateful.

  2. Got a bucket hat for trip to Tahoe - look like a train spotter… neither hot nor sexy.

  3. Found $950 on a credit card that we’d overpaid… might upgrade hat to a Gucci one now… lake chic me.

  4. Table manners are not over-rated... they never were and they never will be... I don’t care if I'm uptight… I am who I am and you could learn a thing or three.

  5. Also purchased life vest for dog that comes with a handle... still debating if he needs goggles.

  6. Obsessing what my grandma name should be... I heard Mipsi the other day... kinda liked it… Tipsi Mipsi…certainly on brand.

  7. Just certified dog as an emotional support animal... not a stretch to answer the questionnaire.

  8. Is it Teva with a short E or long E? Either way, they are Hideous with a capital H.

  9. J dials in five minutes before every meeting... he’s that person..

  10. Massive argument with Helper about why he can’t have an ugly beige carpeted tri-level cat condo for the cat (at least)... can’t believe why this even needs explaining.


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