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Can't you feel the sound movin' through the ground?

Updated: Jan 16, 2021

Music makes the world go around.

  1. Last day of staycation… zero coulda shoulda wouldas... did everything I set out to do!

  2. Which was absolutely nothing... and it was glorious... completed study, new doors, new rug and fab art wall.

  3. Binged Bridgerton, Normal People and MasterClass - champion make up artist, stylist and terrorist negotiator now… exceedingly important life lessons, esp. living with teenagers.

  4. Lots of family time - cooking, eating, baking, walking, laughing and mostly knitting and vegging.

  5. Basically enjoying the gift of time... thanks to Apple sleep analysis, even achieved my sleep goal of 10 hours a night... and earned most lazy bragging rights!

  6. Going into 2021 with a renewed sense of personal commitment to self - to remember to have more time to think, more time to be, and most of all more time for just me.

  7. Wondering if this pandemic is morphing my ENFJ into an I.

  8. Yesterday, made a huge pot of chicken noodle soup and bread and delivered to the homeless...the dichotomy between us and them is so striking over the holidays.

  9. UK going to be so much poorer without Europe.

  10. As a brilliant Brit recently said, “This is like when Geri Halliwell overestimated her viability as a solo artist and left the Spice Girls.”


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