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But my dreams, they aren't as empty

Updated: Jul 28, 2020

As my conscience seems to be.

  1. Since I can’t get to the spa, have upped my game.. using night cream all over… feeling v. silky and indulgent.

  2. Also mixing my own concoctions from old tubes.. chemist me... feeling v. accomplished esp. as I'll have wrinkle free knees before too long.

  3. Got a tattoo at 25… now need to get one at 50.. need to ensure #2 is working to ensure I've amended and graded the surface.

  4. Wearing a fab neck gaiter as a mask... or at least I thought I was fab looking until I saw myself in a window and my nose looks like a morning glory… anyone else experiencing this design flaw?

  5. Joni used to buy oodles of cards to have on hand as and when.. just picked up a dozen.. feeling like I got my shit together!

  6. Silver lining... never felt so close to my father as I do now.. might have to pause on #3 so as not to destabilize the equilibrium.

  7. Not feeling v. social…may embark on Sex and the City marathon… or would I burst the bubble?

  8. Just took some jewelry in for some enhancements... that’ll cheer me up…diamonds shrink with age, ya know.

  9. Took helper child shopping yesterday.. he literally has no clothes… he’s like a gangly giraffe… grown 4 inches in four months! Even his PJs are floods.

  10. Struggling to come to terms with the fact that I'm not a Bravolebrity... yet.


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