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But every time it rains, You're here in my head

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Like the sun coming out.

  1. Humbled by the outpouring of love for the loss of one of our dachshunds... Perry had a good run.. he has left a huge hole in all our hearts...he was an old soul and my constant sidekick.

  2. Decided that vodka might be my new gin.. better bounce back... Thank you Titos!

  3. J is channeling his sadness over the dog and is now very industrious and building a fence in front of another fence.. odd choice of activities when there is a fresh honey due list that really needs starting.

  4. Trying extremely hard not to point out the obvious… might put a child up to it shortly if this agony continues.

  5. Cobwebs on the gas tank... filled her up first time in three months... had to pause and look for the button and realized it was just a double click...apparently muscle memory is collapsing.

  6. Took bra off on a zoom call yesterday with the camera on… yes, on… def. settled in a bit too well into this WFH lifestyle...

  7. Eyes seem to be getting closer and closer together - might be cheeks are getting bigger and bigger… would prefer to have internal debate for longer than face the brutal reality...just got an ad on fb for a jaw bra.. could that help?

  8. Gone full Brando - the late years... If I was to get a body scan now, I would be a quarter cheese, a quarter ice cream, a quarter chocolate and a quarter wine… Oh and a quarter all the other important bits... yes I can do math.. that is precisely the need to rub it in.

  9. My mum now hangs up these days with, “Okay I’m going to go now, I’ve had enough.” Trying very hard not to take it personally, when I have no other choice.

  10. Well done K-pop...maybe teenagers do know a thing or two after all... Just maybe…


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