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Blah... Blah...

Bloody blah...

  1. I wish I could shed as many pounds as I’m shedding hair.

  2. Been erased back to factor setting… I’ve gone very English… all I want is cups of tea and marmite on toast.

  3. Much prefer giving myself talking toos than actually listening to them.

  4. Under carriage has officially runneth over…now my lap is shrinking… v. stressful…may have to buy a stand-up desk for home now…

  5. Do you think there will be a rush on fat farms? I’m wondering if I need to put myself on a wait list.. especially if flights to Costa Rica are going to be ridiculously expensive…

  6. Helper child has Spring Break next week…fuck. fuck, fuckety fuck.. now what? Maybe he can take a mani pedi you-tube video…got Monday sorted at least…

  7. Caught up with a couple of lovely and amazing school friends that I’ve known forever. One of them I’ve known since I was 5! Super spesh.

  8. Looking forward to a night on the razz.. will have a bubble bath and an amaretto tonight... feeling fancy.

  9. If the tub shrank too…I’ll be furious.. this house can’t fall apart at a time like this!

  10. Love saying fuckety fuck over and over again.. must be related to #2.

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1 Comment

Shelli Strand
Shelli Strand
Apr 09, 2020

Please add my name to fat farm wait lists. I always thought we could rock one of those. Vodka is scentless and carries few calories. Make sure you find the ones without a room search.

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