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Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Day 253

  1. I’ve had enough now… please wake me up from this dream.. I promise to be good.. I’m sorry for everything I’ve ever done…

  2. Put knickers on for the first time yesterday...spent all day picking them out of my bum...burned at least 300 calories in the effort.. see I am exercising…

  3. Ugh… dusting.. now shit’s getting real.. I think I may be coming out of my denial phase sooner rather than later…where are those gummies?

  4. Gone down two concealer shades from medium to washed out...frown lines are coming back.. googling DIY botox kit pronto. gwyn—neth???

  5. Helper child wants to buzz his head… how’s that going to look in his footman uniform?

  6. I think my bum is atrophying… I might have to purchase one of those hemorrhoid donut cushions… just when I was beginning to get my sparkle on.

  7. Did an amazing zoom with my high school friends! So so lovely to see all those beautiful faces after 30 years… I mean 20..

  8. My block is putting stuffies in the windows for the toddlers who go on walks with their worn out parents.. .we have Peppa Pig in ours.. pig is on brand.

  9. Fuck it.. just splurged on some delicious shoes… just because… I don’t need a reason… one day I will wear them... in the meantime I’ll just pet them.

  10. What’s a weekend?


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