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Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Floating round in my head.

  1. As if I didn’t need more things to worry about - not only have I lost my grip and my waistline, I now seem to have lost my neck... It’s shrinking. Could it be all the sitting? The laying down? Ugh.. something else to obsess about... I’m becoming a troll.

  2. Already got my laptop perched on a puzzle box. Gonna grab five more. Precarious but extremely necessary.

  3. I’ve been in 123 video conferences since SIP, which means I have touched my face at least 123 times more than I did before all of this.

  4. Day 19 resolutions: shave pits, pluck brows, pumice heels, exfoliate skin, cleanse face, loose 10lbs, feel sparkly.

  5. I may be overshooting. Fine.. I’ll exfoliate another day.

  6. Why am I now watching Goop Labs? What’s wrong with me? I thought I hated Gwyneth? Contemplating adding steaming my vagina to #4. My equilibrium is all off.

  7. V. grateful to my amazing friends who are popping by to say hello and spending time to catch up on my front steps. oxo

  8. Now must remember to wake up and immediately brush my teeth, put on a bra, and find my neck.

  9. Helper child quietly polishing silver teaspoons…stoner child dancing around the kitchen making a mess and an apple pie... living with the impact of how our choices in their early education is paying off in their own unique ways.

  10. Only heard two farts on calls today… some people are starting to get their dignity back.. I hope they didn’t hear mine.


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