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All I needed was the love you gave

All I needed for another day.

  1. Finally a glimmer of hope.. she writes, “He thinks this country belongs to him... But Joe knows it belongs to all of us: To the people. And together, the people are going to take it back.”

  2. Yes, we can!

  3. 23 and me.. I don’t care if I have 43 relatives with 0.0007 of my DNA.. aren’t we all related anyway?

  4. Made a huge life decision.. have decided after great internal debate that not going to fully embrace adulthood until I have a LV steam trunk... vintage will suffice… then I’ll have arrived.

  5. Huge zit on the back of my neck… Wish it was the air valve… would love to deflate at least a third.

  6. Should my Nom de Plume be Tora Lewis or Tori Miller? I think I just like saying Nom de Plume over and over... tres fancy, me.

  7. Why is my sense of urgency different than everyone else’s in this house? They don’t get the concept that I’m the family metronome.. and yes, there can only be one… cos.

  8. Seem to be obsessing now over John Hamm.. mmm.. maybe Tora Hamm…wishful thinking?

  9. Commence B2S Day Three.. so far she’s only had two hours of in bed instruction…this vapid generation of air heads is going to be aimlessly wondering around when they start adulting with zero drive and ambition...when should we start to worry?

  10. Day time. Night time. Wine time. Any time.

1 comment

1 Comment

Shelli Strand
Shelli Strand
Aug 12, 2020

Love family metronome. I first read too fast and saw it as 'family menopause'. Both. Are. True.

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