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Ain't nothin' gonna break-a my stride

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Nobody gonna slow me down, oh no.

  1. OMG… Tik Tok.. sometimes I laugh so hard I think something might be pressing on my hypothalamus.

  2. Note to self: next time I watch Tik Tok on a gummy... put in a pad pre-show to avoid a situation.

  3. Also take back every time I scoffed at it...still an utter waste of time… but not judgin’ anymore.

  4. So what if I have 53,653 bubbles in my email... they are all my followers… and if the 186 people are still waiting for a reply text from me to figure out what to do next... then that’s on them.

  5. Thinking my next theme party should all be in kaftans... I mean it would be rotten at this point to ask people to wear pants after all these months?

  6. Stoner and I seem to be bonding these days… maybe so she can get closer to my stash… starting to think about her going away to college... trying v. hard to suppress the urge to just tell her she doesn’t have to go and can stay home and live with me forever and ever.

  7. This growing up shit is so much harder on the parents.

  8. Local grocery store has all things English…so exciting... all stocked up on hob nobs, crunchies and mint sauce…resisting the urge to get salad cream and custard... will prob cave in before too long.

  9. Daddy has three play readings... tres exciting...all table reads but waiting for Colin Firth to be cast any day now.

  10. Chicago 7 on Netflix - an absolute must see...And so so on topic!

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