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Ain't nothin' gonna break-a my stride

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Nobody gonna slow me down, oh no.

  1. My kids think I’m a 4... even had to negotiate.. they conceded.. so now I’m a 4.5...little fuckers.

  2. How dare they? I bet the people under the bridge thought I was at least an 8 when I flashed the cars at twilight the other night.

  3. Okay, it was darker than that... but v. liberating.

  4. They also think my glam head shot looks like a Madame Tussauds... they might be right on this one... admittedly might have gone a bit too far with the Facetune app.

  5. Debate = no comment.. which is a lie... all worked up over everyone’s social media feed... might need an RX for something much stronger here before too long.

  6. Without further a do... so hate that line... can’t we come up with something better…sounds so constipated.

  7. It’s the journey... not the destination? Really? It’s been a long fucking journey… we're at the six month mark...

  8. Kids in America & How Does It Feel are going to be my karaoke songs... just putting it out there for when we re-emerge... bagging them now.

  9. J says I laugh like Mutley, which I thought was endearing... until he prefaced it with emphysema…as soon as I stop giggling (or wheezing apparently)... going to pick a fight with someone in this family.

  10. Such rude people.

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