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A lovestruck Romeo

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Sang the streets of a serenade.

  1. Is it just me or does Mariska Hargitay look like Caitlin Jenner?

  2. 17.2 off with your flab...just another couple toddlers to go... the up is so much more fun than the down.

  3. First debate = diabolical... second = everyone’s getting a fly swatter for crimbo... I heart RGB!

  4. Regeneron is made from fetal stem cells… you can’t have it both ways...fuck turd...was practicing civility all week, but was beginning not to recognize myself...s'not my fault he's a fuck turd.

  5. Go to bed every night thinking of how I’m going to get swept off my feet by Peter Hermann, but then get all muddled up with what I’m wearing and what goes with what.

  6. Then it gets worse, because the outfit changes mean I need an overnight bag, but then where do do the costume changes.. esp. if I don’t have a car.

  7. How am I a narcissist in my dreams too? And somehow get caught up in the logistics and operational efficiencies of ensuring I have what I need for the occasion.

  8. In MY fantasy!!! Must have a bolt out of whack or something…

  9. Collecting cleva words so I can sprinkle them into my every day and sound eva so...while my personality oozes exuberance in my capacious fantasies, my punktilious tendencies are ruined because of my peccadilloes, although I remain sanguine for the next night.

  10. Cool whip is not my friend.


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