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A goddess on a mountain top, Was burning like a silver flame

Updated: Jun 20, 2020

The summit of beauty and love, And Venus was her name.

  1. Debating with offspring about who in our family has BDE… summer school getting off to a good start.

  2. Sober puzzling is sad and boring...should come with a warning on the box, "side effects - could turn into cat lady."

  3. Family wants to go on a river rafting trip... apparently I’ll be the ballased… family is also not as funny as they think they are.

  4. Super high probability I’m bedridden…only upright for zooms these days.. acid reflex is worse than ever...oh garlic, how I miss you so.

  5. Driving to Danville tomorrow to get a pedicure in a full wet suit... will remove flippers before appointmento... after I scope out the joint obvs.

  6. Gonna break out one of my new bags for the field trip... tres. exciting.

  7. Also gone very blonde.. trying to emerge a butterfly vs. Waynetta Slob.

  8. Managed to sneak in some botox.. think I was first in line when my Derm started taking non essential apps…starting to feel like my frozen self again.

  9. My company is closed tomorrow to commemorate Juneteenth… so appreciate they are doing the right thing right now….gonna spend the day reflecting and learning more about inequity and racism.

  10. Then I’m gonna get shit faced… need to seriously blow off some steam… hopefully with shiny new toes... and maybe even a pack a menthols... sshh...


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