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I have many gifts but willpower is not one of them

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Thankfully I'm extraordinarily scintillating, which more than makes up for my apparent shortcomings.

Here are some things about yours truly...

  1. I was born in London and accidentally moved to the US in 1992. 

  2. My husband is an architect and talks about his projects all the time... I stopped listening to him in 2002. 

  3. We have two teenage is kind and the other one teaches me patience and resilience every day.

  4. I work in Human Resources and swear all the fucking time... I think it endears me…perhaps another sign of delusion.

  5. Used to live in San Francisco but moved to Oakland in 2002... yes, it’s related to #2 when we bought our house. 

  6. My weight yo-yos... tried every diet under the sun...spend more time obsessing about my weight than actually doing anything about it. 

  7. We have two daschunds and I talk to them in a baby voice all the time... yes, I’m that lady.

  8. My go-to drink is sauvy-b on the rocks. Don’t judge. yes...I preface my order to every waiter, every time as many of you can attest.

  9. My brother thinks I have higher self esteem than I should... he calls it denial... I call it, live a little. 

  10. He says I’m more Patsy. I think I’m more Eddie.

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