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There's no need to take a stand

Updated: Feb 6, 2021

For it was I who chose to start.

  1. Finger knuckles look like elephant knees... bloody aging process.

  2. Prepped for (fuck I'm 50) colonoscopy Thurs pm - OMG...wish could have had that disgusting lemonade concoction with tequila... would have made it slightly more palatable, and at least would have had a buzz on.

  3. Watched utter nonsense to take my mind off the whole thing - Summer House, Southern Charm.. The Prom... utter gob shite.

  4. Procedure woz relatively straightforward, thankfully... lovely handsome poop dr - have re-named him Dr. Kardashian 'cos his name starts with a K, has an H in the middle, and ends with an N... same diff...just more glam sounding... partic as he was up my shitter.

  5. Super bummed tho, didn’t shed a leg...not even one single pesky pound... only bloody reason I did it in the first place... URGH.. next time shall shit in a box and mail it in... most perturbed.

  6. Trying to milk some TLC from the fam given my (not really) feeble post op state...might have to eat ice cream all weekend as a consolation prize... especially as I'm being ignored... such selfish people.

  7. Recuperated on the couch last night... and lay out strategy for working my way thru Golden Globe nominated movies… just finished Promising Young Woman - v. Killing Eve... twisted fem revenge movie... Carey Mulligan is a-mazing.

  8. Especially love all these movies/shows coming out now from the female POV… finally… there is a movement afoot.

  9. Ponder this, lady heroes... “You cannot easily fit women into a structure that is already coded as male; you have to change the structure.” Dame Winifred Mary Beard... a Dame no less.

  10. How do I become a Dame?


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