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TGIFucking Doesn't Matter anymore

Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Weekend Plans?

  1. What do you mean intermittent fasting? Isn’t that what sleeping is?

  2. Okay, fine...."nil by mouth" until breakfast.. this is a huge step…

  3. Dry scaley cankles and hairy toes… will be growing a bunion next… or worse will have fallen arches…going to have to submit an insurance claim for this…

  4. Fuck you FB ads, I said dry cankles not vag.

  5. Shit, Boris. In the natural order of things.. not Trump first?

  6. Tracking packages has become an obsessive pastime...the correlation between them arriving on time and family relations is extraordinarily high.

  7. Straightened hair with my shiny new enhanced ionic brush with 16 heat levels for frizz-free silky hair…feeling v. silky…can’t find the happy button tho’.

  8. If I’m under house arrest in June for my 50th.. then I’ll… seriously blow a gasket…or a wad of cash on lypo, tuck, lift, suck, polish, dye.. serious business essentials.

  9. No no no, Schitt’s Creek can’t be over foreva…no! Might have to start watching re-runs of tiger king… wait... new episode Saturday night?

  10. Oooh.. have weekend plans after all! Tres exciting...


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