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SIP Confessions, Part Two.

  1. REALLY can’t run to save my life.

  2. Used to switch the labels in Boots when I wanted to buy No7 makeup as a teen but didn’t have any money... never got caught... paid what I thought it was worth...applied economics...

  3. I’m dyslexic.. only figured it out when my son got tested when he was little… if you give me a math word problem… the only thing that comes into my head is purple... one day it will be correct, so not giving up.

  4. Tell people I went to University in London… I don’t correct people when they hear “of” … then I dodge the student union question.. but it was in North London, so close enough.

  5. Have a very private Spotify playlist that if I told anyone they would judge.. I would… there is a lot of Journey, Blonde, Kylie, Prince, Eurythmics… my music taste got stunted in the eighties... I draw the line at Depeche Mode... I'm not that lame, please.

  6. Tommy Aldridge from White Snake sued me in the nineties... well actually it was his wife who did after I accidentally rear ended him in Palm Springs… she sued me for loss of consortium.. look it up…now who's lame.

  7. Have contemplated updating his wiki page many times over the years... one day I might.

  8. Only took me coming to live in the US to come out as being Jewish. I really felt like I was coming out of the closet.

  9. Was a fag hag for much of my late twenties…hard to believe, I know.. throw me in a room full of queens and there I go again.. it drives John bonkers...still trying to convince him he likes it, but its been over 20 years.

  10. Should’ve lost 20 lbs now… not sure that worked...need plan J pronto.

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1 Comment

Shelli Strand
Shelli Strand
Apr 20, 2020

#3 - thank you, you just saved me $3,000 in psych assessment, I'm obviously dyscalculexicutitaclness too. Though for me it's more of a sad taupe. #5 - you be proud of that woman!! please share, far from judge I will be ecstatic! Fun fact - I love the Divinynls song "Touch Myself" and have been ginning up the courage to karaoke it for years. Not yet, not yet....not.....yet....

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