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Just another easy breezy afternoon on the west side

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

As Yoozh

1. Ignoring the pulsating boil on my right temple from the fucking mask…decided to head off for a bit of window shopping along Abbots Kinney.

2. Typical late afternoon in Venice, tall palm trees and fav wooden wedges casting long shadows…channelling Sienna Miller, early two thousand.

3. Effortlessly understated, yet chic, in billowy locally designed organic white linen jump suit with burnished up-cycled hoops and Japanese gold stacked rings on left thumb.

4. Carrying distressed vintage sage waxed cotton saddlebag over tanned shoulder.. today’s carefully curated look only took two hours to pull together.

5. Will head over to Danny and Julia’s after this…both tapped Jude back in the day… we compared notes.. not much to speak of…

6. Glowing skin still feels tight from surfing earlier…tried out that new $350 bottle of thyme infused goat gizz lotion (thanks Gwen) on my perky, braless and bronzed bod.

7. That YSBP (yoga spin barre pilates) class rocks…was on the wait list forever.

8. Contemplating taking nipple ring out.. Julia took hers out when she had Phinnaeus and Hazel, can’t quite remember. .. maybe we can sneak upstairs for a quick bowl…. will depend on how many industry people are there.

9. Feeling totally energized by the ginseng/garlic/tumeric/nutmeg/balsamic shot I had earlier after my 3-hour workout….not eating again til Friday.

10. My nutritionist says intermittent fasting works best when you eat for 45 mins every 96 hours.. my shrink says I need to let go of my feelings for Jude.. my life coach says I need to update my reel.. I’ll ask Danny if he will take a look at it later.

1 comment

1 Comment

kiara wilder
kiara wilder
Apr 14, 2020

You put me right into that world, so there!

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