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I'm on the right track, baby I was born this way

Updated: May 30, 2020

Don't hide yourself in regret, Just love yourself and you're set.

  1. Before I started dating John, I lived in a tiny studio in a third floor walk up on Pink and Pearl in what we used to called Kentucky Heights at the top of Valencia and Market... there was a Kentucky Fried Chicken around the corner and a pot belly pig living across the street.

  2. I loved that studio… I had subleased it from a dear friend as she bought a loft one block over…I had to back into the bathroom to shut the front door and in the winter I had to heat the place with the oven... I loved my little haven….my rent was $525 a month and it was all mine.

  3. I had everything I needed within walking distance... there was No Name sushi two doors down and a dry cleaner/wash and fold next door...The Orbit Room was in one direction and Zeitgeist in the other… I used to let friends use my bathroom vs. the horrible one at Zeitgeist before they built the ones outside.

  4. I worked in publishing and took the trolley down Market Street too and from work every day.

  5. In the evenings, I took classes at UC Berkeley Extension across the street - Intro to Creative Writing, Intro to Art and Intro to Acting….my acting teacher said I had a knack for comedy.

  6. I was 27 and I was single and I was only too aware of the significance of that age.

  7. I had just moved out of a super fun party house and I love those friends dearly to this day... but I needed to find myself... I needed to know what I wanted in life instead of being carried along from one party to the next.

  8. There continued to be lots of highs but I also experienced many lows... and through those I learned to be alone, but not lonely…I learned how to truly unwind, which was not easy as I was still such a social butterfly.

  9. Most of all I learned to be me... I learned to accept me....up until that time, I had spent so much of my life pleasing others... this was the first time, I learned to please me.

  10. You know me, I love a good quote.. I especially love this one from Oscar Wilde, “Be Yourself; everyone else is already taken."


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