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Her mind is Tiffany-twisted

Updated: May 24, 2020

She got the Mercedes Benz.

  1. Lovely hair stylist dropped of kit, a novella of instructions and a swishy brush.. need to look up homeowner insurance before I commence on root project... this shall require a stiff G&T and appropriate marching into battle anthem.

  2. Helper has found a way to have a black screen and write “reconnecting…” during zoom science class… thinks he's very clever and very funny… trying very hard not to agree.

  3. Watching Belgravia... nothing compares to Downton... love Tamsin usually, but her pan face is starting to annoy... I’d have been very carriage sick... all that jumbling around in a corset.

  4. When we’re all back to whatever it'll be, shall miss… day time baths, all day doggie snuggles, def. day time cocktails, sweet family lunches and special zoom calls with dear old friends.

  5. Mustn’t give up those… tho’ family ones have begun to get somewhat trying.

  6. Loving the stillness but missing the spontaneity of life…popping in here.. stopping off there… hope some of that comes back.

  7. John about to embark on building his She Shed in the garden for his office.. can’t wait to have my office to myself... will decorate it how I want...mirrors on the ceiling, pink champagne on ice.

  8. He’s going to employ Helper & Stoner... this will be interesting... best stay well clear of that fiasco in the making.

  9. Still don’t understand why he hasn’t been beheaded.

  10. We are all just prisoners here of our own device.


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