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Girl, you really got me now

You got me so I don't know what I'm doin'.

  1. Massive zit behind mask elastic on right ear..tres painful… so annoying.

  2. 120 hours in the same lovely soft black mumu… yes, five straight days and nights… It was shamelessly lovely... and eventually smelly... but oh so soft.

  3. Joined WW.. beached whale.. enough is enough... bring on the points.. points.. points…effing points…

  4. Okay,...massive confession… remember the B&W selfie challenge the other week for women to stand up for women? Well after two extraordinarily long days of not being challenged by someone.. just did it.. challenged myself.. not once, but twice.. not waiting around for anyone... I know you were just about to...then you got distracted.

  5. Still knitting a scarf that I started in January... was supposed to do one creative project a month... had all kinds of cross stitching/paper mache/hot glue activities planned... now just sweatily knitting the same bloody grey scarf.. in the heat, no less.

  6. Had to put tissues behind my knees and under my boobs the other day... sorta why #2 and #3 took place... part of the mid-summer-get-a grip-this-has-gone-on-for-long-enough pep talk.

  7. Did a foot mask with BFFs... feet still tingling... waiting to shed skin.. at least 10lbs on each foot.. okay fine... 9.6....Covid 19.2 to be precise.. yes, really.

  8. Participating in global two-week strategy sessions with 80 top execs from my company.. v. inspiring... thankfully mumu laundry was completed in time.

  9. Major break thru with girl child... got her shots without a fuss at her annual check up… yes, not one of my most proud parenting strategies when I tricked her into getting shots when she was little.. she developed a phobia until now.. unless of course she was stoned for the occasion.. c'est tres possible.

  10. Very special social distancing family get together for Sunday lunch.. stuffed our faces with A+ burgers.. I got a princess cake… ‘cos I’m special...hence #3 and ketchup covered mumu was finally released into the washing machine.


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