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Updated: Aug 27, 2020

Another Day, Another Destiny

  1. We truly are very very sorry… we take full responsibility for all the horrendous things we have done to our earth… and promise that as soon as we can come out again, we’ll do whatever it takes to save our planet and our humanity.

  2. New life goals: TP count back up to 18... huge accomplishment.

  3. Beginning not to recognize my life... feel like I’m in one of those reality shows where the they switch out the mums... only the other mum got the better deal.. and I got the messy house, the smelly dogs, the belchy husband and the salty teenagers.

  4. Attended 53 video conferences last week, which I appreciated so much more than I ever did compared to back in the day.

  5. Bed, desk, couch, bed, desk, couch… rinse and repeat.

  6. Clean your own bloody room…you must be confusing me with the housecleaner we don’t have any more.

  7. Seriously contemplating having a cigarette… must get a grip… or a Chanel bag. Still deciding…

  8. All I want is to give my parents each a huge hug. Keeping yours in my thoughts too. oxo

  9. Big Saturday night planned = more wine = less shits to give.

  10. Oh Target… how I miss you so.. it won’t be long now.. I promise…wait for me… will you? I love you too…no you…you…


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