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At the car wash

Updated: May 5, 2020

Talkin' about the car wash, girl.

  1. Spent the weekend sorting out the garage... him huffing over what I wanted to keep and me huffing over his wants...the strategy was sound, the execution was extraordinarily painful.

  2. Also drilled up some plywood between our fence and the neighour so dog can’t go for his daily gander and get shoved back through...we want those neighbors to still like us when SIP is over... partially as we never need go to a dispensary again…maybe dog had the same idea.

  3. Picked up new black masks on I look like I have a jock strap attached to my face.

  4. They’d better come out with some designer ones soon... would love a Prada and possibly a Gaultier for special occasions.

  5. How much is too much smoked salmon? Managed to eat a side... channeled glam for too long.

  6. Realized helper child has now retreated to his room and only comes out to get food… seems to have taken his demotion hard.

  7. Went to the office to pick up the a tad emotional that we used to take all of that for granted.

  8. Drove out to Lafayette yesterday afternoon… how come everyone else has clean cars? Mine looks like I just come off the playa… their in-home staff probably make more than mine.

  9. Sigh… the playa.. one day.

  10. Seem to have developed a tic...need to have everything I possibly need for the day within arms reach... seems I'm gradually turning into a Wall-E person.


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